My name is Tove Koch and I am a photographer and artist from Sweden, currently based in Union, Washington, USA. I was born and raised in the Swedish countryside on the west coast in a large, artistic family. I have loved expressing myself creatively since I was a young kid and love sharing my talent with the world today.

One of my biggest inspirations is and has always been my love and fascination for the natural world. As a kid I could spend hours exploring the backyard, forest and the beach. Today is no different, except the Pacific Northwest is now my main playground. Another area of interest is the mystical and spiritual. Beyond what meets the eye, I see and feel something more – a higher force, an energy, a higher purpose – something that needs to be honored, admired, and protected. I love intertwining the physical and spiritual in my art.

My lower and higher education always centered around art and photography. In addition to the common educational requirements, Sweden allows students to emphasize arts and crafts, fine arts and photography into their curriculum – an opportunity I gladly took. My education provided me a valuable base that has allowed me to evolve and create my own unique style of expression.

Gotland Folkhögskola, Sweden  |  2011-2012
Fine Arts
Domen Konstskola, Sweden  |  2010-2011
Arts and Crafts
Uddevalla Gymnasium, Sweden  |  2007-2010 

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